Play 5 Best Android Games to Increase your Brain IQ Level

Playing games is fun and the best way to entertain yourself after a heavy workload of daily routine. But what if you can utilise your time to play to increase your brain IQ level? It can give you multi X returns if you spend your time at the right place.

IQ refers to the Intelligence quotient; it is a way to derive the human brain power after using some scientific standards and subsets. So friends you now know how you can increase your brain intelligence power by playing games.

So I will suggest you top Brain Power games which help to increase your Intelligence level and IQ. Brain games are scientifically designed and derived from logical reasoning. It is all based on the human mind’s logical reasoning aptitude and behaviour.

Best Android Games to Increase your Brain Memory & IQ Level- 100%

Here I will tell you more than 5 of the best android games to play to increase human brain power and intelligence level. And a bonus IQ intelligence app to train your mind with a scientifically designed IQ game. So don’t miss the last one which is a more special and highly productive application for you.

#1. Math Puzzle-

Calculating the maths equation is so boring and most people don’t like maths subjects. But it is scientifically proven that Mathematics sums equations help the human brain to work fast and more intelligently. Yes, it is right you can search on google even or ask elders.

If maths is not your favourite subject then not to worry, you don’t need to solve large mathematical equations on paper. Just download the Math Puzzle-Rise Up Your Mind android game. All maths questions are not boring. You have to practise logical maths and reasoning-based questions which are available in this app.

Students can easily improve their maths skills and learn multiplication tables with daily practice. There are various mini-games and maths puzzles for all age groups and kids to become masters in arithmetic. Math puzzles help to increase the human mind’s response time and alertness.

Major Features & Highlights-

  • Daily Quick Brain Training
  • Train your brain with Schulte Table
  • Games based on Cognitive Psychology
  • Any age group person can play this game
  • Analyse your score & share it with friends

#2. Tricky Test 2-

If you like to use some tricks in solving various problems this is best for you. Tricky Test 2 is fully based on the IQ puzzle game which teases your brain very hard. They have more than 111 different games used to check your brain capabilities.

Each game level analyses your performance and pushes your brain for creative thinking. Even a 6-year-old old kid can play this game with their parent’s assistance. It will be very helpful for growing kids and school-going children. Users also rate this application 4.7 out of 5.

Major Features & Highlights-

  • 111 Tricky and Mind teaser puzzle game levels
  • Test your IQ level with maths, logic, and memory question
  • Test your friends’ mode

#3. Lumosity- Brain Training

Before playing any mind power game check your IQ level to track your progress. Lumosity Brain Training game is the super best android application to improve your IQ level. This app is the best in his class and Google recommends it as the Editor’s choice.

Behind this game, a scientific team manages and improves this application for cognitive research. They transform their year’s research into a game called Lumosity. It is the most-rated gaming app in the brain improvement and education category.

Lumosity offers you 40+ different scientific games for better IQ and brain health. You can increase your brain productivity by playing all these. From vocabulary skills, maths games, problem-solving, and language tests, to memory boosters all your brain needs.

This is a paid application and you can use only 10 minutes for trial purposes.

Major Features & Highlights-

  • Workout mode
  • Detailed Training insights
  • Tailored Feedback and guide
  • Track performance with analytics
  • A scientific team in the backend
  • Curated with years of research

#4. Brain Games- Logic IQ Puzzle

Friends, you like a lot of graphics games and full 3D art design games. It will impress you. Yes, this game is loaded with lite and high-quality graphics to disturb your mind.

The game is not too tough to play but very interesting to train your mind with different types of games. You can play 9 different addictive game categories like water sort, Dot game, Plumber, Connect, One Stroke, Sudoku, Pattern, quick search, test your right and left brain, concentration and multitasking.

Most impressive thing is that this IQ-level game can also play offline mode. No need to see disruptive ads and be more focused on solving the game in the given time frame.

Major Features & Highlights-

  • Adjust Difficulty level
  • Play offline
  • Free to use, no Premium plan
  • Interesting and Funny games
  • Covered all types of puzzle game
  • Improve your decision-making skills

#5. ABrain- Improve your Memory

ABrain is helpful to increase your memory power and brain attention. This game is specially designed for those children whose concentration power is low. It becomes very hard for parents to work out their child’s mind and concentration power. The app will help them to improve their children’s memory by playing games.

Kids can easily engage in games and it is a good way to teach them more productive and valuable things. You can play colour identification games, memory improvement, and memorising games.

More than 15 plus games are divided into 4 groups: Memory, Attention, Reaction, and Maths.

Major Features & Highlights-

  • Best for Kids
  • Easy to Use and Play
  • Develop Cognitive skills
  • Improve productivity
  • Pleasant and relaxing UI (user interface)

Bonus App: NeuroNation-

Neuronation is developed by a team of neuroscience scientists and this project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The aim of NeuroNation is to the treatment of cognitive impairments and awareness of cognitive health.

This community helps people for better brain health and stress-free life. The app is developed based on neuroscience methodology. Such a game is helpful in weaker memory, dwindling concentration, and a slow thinking process. A 10-15 minutes daily training is helpful to disappear all causes.

You can access more than 30 games for developing your brain and better neuro health with personalised training. From the age of 8 years old children to adults age, people can use this application for brain training.

If you are a student then this game will be most beneficial for you. It can help to boost your memory power, develop the ability to learn fast, retain things for a longer time, make you more confident and happy, help with anxiety, and more. One can get a high ROI from all these applications by investing time.

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