How to Decide Which IPL Team You and I Should support in IPL 2022

Why do you have to cheer for the IPL t20 teams? And for which IPL t20 team do I have to join and support on social media and cheer in the stadium? Let’s talk about this topic.

Are you confused and finding it difficult to decide what IPL team you must have to support in the 2023 IPL tournament?

But if you guys already decided on which team you should support this year’s IPL then let me know below in the comment. What and Which is your favourite team?

If not make a decision yet.

Don’t worry I am here to help you to pick the best Indian Premier League cricket team for whom you can cheer up confidently between the friend circle and on Facebook.

Which IPL Team you Should Support in 2023-

This year 10 teams are going to participate in 2023 and you can see many changes in rules and regulations. The Indian Cricket Board made it huge by giving the IPL title sponsorship to TATA groups.

It means the 15th season of IPL will be known as TATA IPL 2023 instead of Vivo IPL. Now come to the point of why and whom to support in IPL T20.

If you are a cricket fan or know a little more about the game then you know which is your favourite IPL team. But somehow if you are not able to decide or are new to cricket fame.

Then look at the points to decide what IPL Team you will support in 2023-

  • Rule 1: The first rule to deciding and supporting your favourite IPL t20 team is a connection between you and the team. It can be related to your native place name or franchise team. Like in IPLt20 2023 10 different teams across the 10 different big cities of India compete in this tournament.

You can support your own city IPL franchise team, of course, it is simple logic. If I live in Rajasthan then I definitely support Rajasthan Royals otherwise I will support my favourite player.

It is not compulsory to support your home state’s IPL team but you can also cheer for another IPL franchise and team as you like and have.

  • Rule 2: The second rule is if you have no team from your city then follow your guts and support the team in which your favourite player will play.

I personally like MS Dhoni’s personality and Virat Kholi’s batting. I like both players and am always neutral about both teams CSK & RCB.

If you like Hardik Pandya or KL Rahul then obviously you will be going to support the Gujarat Titans or Lucknow SuperGiants team respectively.

  • Rule 3: The third rule is to follow the other people’s choices or pick the point of the majority audience. Like most of the IPL viewers blindly support Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings.

We know both MI and CSK franchise teams are the strongest IPL teams for years but it is not a good way to support any sports team. It is similar that you blindly like a person but you don’t know what actually you like in that person’s personality. It is called the blind game.

At this point, I like RCB fans who strongly support and cheer for Royal Challengers Bangalore and Virat Kholi in the IPL. The RCB team has no IPL title win in any season and fans still support the team. Even in foreign countries, people follow the Virat Kholi captaincy and RCB franchise.

Now come to my point and decide whom I should support for this year’s mega IPL 2023 championship team.

If you find your answer from the above points then well and good otherwise follow the text & read continued.

See, the main reason to cheer for any team is for their chances to win the tournament trophy.

Then work on your skills and analyse the best IPL team that has a chance to win the IPL 2023 championship trophy. In this matter, you have to work on your own and pick the best playing XI of each team.

Do the SWOT analysis of each 10 IPL team on your own or read it on the internet.

How to Support an IPL Team on Facebook?

It is a good way to show your team player on Facebook. Just find the official fan page or groups of your favourite IPL t20 teams and start to follow the page.

You can also cheer up and hold the support of that team by inviting your friends to groups.

Here you can support your team and talk with other people. Add on you get the latest IPL match updates on the go on Facebook.

Final Thoughts-

Your choice might be different from my choice. You have to decide whom you will support in IPL t20 2023 out of the 10 best teams.

In my point of view, all 10 teams are strong in the IPL. Every team has some loopholes and strong points. Hope you decide which IPL team you will support in 2023.

Otherwise, just watch and enjoy the IPL cricket game. Because apart from supporting you can enjoy the exciting moment of the game, Many people do the same.


Should I Support RCB in IPL 2023?

Yes, you can say RCB is not a bad team, especially after the 2023 Mega auction. They have strong players to beat other teams on the pitch.

Which IPL team will I Support?

I am going to support my favourite team and player MS Dhoni. #yellow squad #whistle loud

What IPL Team should you support in 2023?

You can choose your favourite IPL team for which you can cheer up in an IPL match.

Should I Support Gujarat Titans (GT) in the IPL?

If you are a big fan of Hardik Pandya’s all-rounder performance. or like Miller, Shubam Gill.

How to Support an IPL Team on Facebook?

If you are keen to support any IPL team on FB then follow the official Facebook Fan page of that team. Engage with the community and also support the team on your Facebook profile & group.

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