How to Watch IPL 2022 Match in Metaverse, 3D VR Box at Home

How to watch IPL cricket in 3D or in Metaverse? Did you want to watch the Indian Premier League 2022 Live in 3D, 4D, or Metaverse?

Then stay on the page and hold your breath because we are going to see a Live IPL 2022 Match in Metaverse.

How it is sound, Awesome

The term metaverse comes on the tongue of the people after Facebook company change its name to Meta. It becomes more famous & exciting when people dive inside Metaverse World on the internet.

Even IPL fans got surprised when the new IPL 2022 team Gujarat Titans Launch their official team logo in the MetaVerse world. It is a very new thing for cricket fans and the normal public too.

Before knowing How anyone can watch Live IPL cricket in the Metaverse world? or is it possible to see IPL t20 cricket in 3D form?

Did you want to know what is MetaVerse? and How it changes your life?

MetaVerse is next-generation content for the internet. It means by using MetaVerse technology you can go anywhere in a 3D avatar.

In short, Metaverse is a network & collection of 3D virtual worlds focused on social connection. This concept is totally futuristic and based on science fiction theory.

It is just like you see in Sci-fi movies. If you watched “The Matrix” and its whole series part. Then you can easily understand what will life beyond MetaVerse tech.

Or if you are a big fan of Marvel’s studio’s movies like Spider-Man Home Coming, or Spider-Man Far from Home. In all these sci-fiction movies you can experience the virtual world of 3D art.

After the launch of MetaVerse, you will live a virtual life beyond your real life. Where you can visit new places without going physically there. You are able to join Live events and show your presence in public events without any physical presence.

It means you can watch and enjoy any sports game tournament Live at your home just using MetaVerse reality even cricket.

Now come to our Point, how to watch Cricket or IPL by using metaverse technology.

As you all know Metaverse is a new segment for many tech gig people. And there is a lot of work to do for the official public release of Meta.

But it is fixed that you can enjoy and use the MetaVerse technology very soon in upcoming years.

How to Watch IPL T20 Match Cricket in MetaVerse?

The fan got overwhelmed when they hear that Gujarat Titans going to launch their new IPL team logo in the Virtual world.

GT team head coach Ashis Nehra, team captain Hardik Pandya and batsmen Shubam Gill innaugrate the team logo in the multiverse.

If you too want to join such events live through your phone then you have to wait for more.

As I mentioned that MetaVerse technology and concept are new for all of us. Even the tech engineers developing this technology for general public use.

Sadly but truly there is no method or even way to watch the Live IPL cricket 2022 match in the meta world. The work in progress for such type of virtual life adventure.

Don’t need to be sad too you can stream a live cricket match in the metaverse in just a few years. All big tech giants companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, NVIDIA, Epic Games, and many others working on this future technology.

You can see cricket matches in 3D by using VR or a Virtual Reality box.

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How you can Watch 3D Live Cricket in VR Box-

Metaverse is too much similar to VR or Virtual Reality concepts. In VR you can access things, and objects in 3D form. But in Metaverse, you can see a combination of AR and VR technology.

It is easy for you to see live IPL through VR using an internet connection. If you have a good VR box at your home then make it useful for watching LIVE IPL T20 cricket.

It is boring to see a constant thing handing a box in front of your eyes. People use VR box glasses to play virtual games and watch 3D animated movies.

How to Use Virtual Reality on your Smartphone:-

Just follow the simple steps to watch 3D objects in VR using your mobile phone.

1#. Get the Virtual Reality app on your phone.

2#. Open the VR glasses headset to attach to your phone.

3#. Now carefully put & fix your phone in the place given in the VR tray.

4#. Open the VR app you have.

5#. Now align the things in the center for more comfort.

6#. Close the VR headset and you are ready to use.

You can adjust the viewing angles and screen with the buttons or gears provided in the VR box.

VR technology will be old very soon after Metaverse’s birth. So ready for the new and high-tech virtual world in your entertainment space.

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Final Thoughts-

Hope you enjoy this post and now all things are clear to watch cricket and IPL match in the metaverse through VR glasses. Upcoming 2-3 years you have a meta-world technology in your hand. Which will await your reviews and break your curiosity about the sic-fiction world.

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