10 Best Test Match Cricket Game Series Play On Android & IOS Phones

Best Test match cricket game for mobile phone- are you searching for this keyword or related to this? Then you may be bored and look for the top online test match cricket game to play on your android phone or IOS device.

Now your wait is over and here I will tell you the list of the best real test cricket games downloaded for your smart mobile device. You can download & play cricket on both Apple IOS and Android phones.

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List of Best Cricket Test Match Games to Play on Phone

Below are the best 3D and full HD animation cricket games to play online or offline mode. In this list, almost all apps have a multiplayer option. Now you can invite your friends to play cricket matches head to head-on the phone.

Don’t miss the last in which you can play the IPL T20 virtual cricket tournament game with a real feel of the IPL format with fabulous graphics.

1. Real Cricket -Test Match

Real cricket- test match game is first in our list of best cricket game applications. This application is accessible on both Android and Apple phones.

On this gaming app, you can play a Test cricket match between 10 different countries’ players. Yes, here you enjoy the real experience of Test match cricket on your smartphone.

Moreover, you can see real 2d graphics filled with cricket pitches in white colour. This android cricket game application is loaded with many interesting features and concepts. Like a batsman can hit 27 different shots all around the ground.

This app gets a rating of 3.7 out of 5 on the google play store. You can try this game and also let us know how you like it.

2. World Cricket Championship 3

This application is the best-rated in the cricket game segment. If you really want to feel realistic and love a lot of graphics in-game. I am sure you like that cricket game.

World Cricket Championship 3 is loaded with full HD graphics and a multiplayer option, and you can even capture the real-time movement of cricketers. There are excellent & more exciting features in any game application.

WCC3 is the winning android application of Google Best of 2020. Cricket fans can play Test match series, ODI, World Cup matches, and many more.

While playing games on mobile phones control matter a lot. WCC3 has a lucrative panel for control of games and players.

This Application gets a rating of 4.2 out of 5 on the Google Play Store. WCC3 is also available on the Apple App Store.

Extra Features-

  • Live Professional Commentary
  • Multiplayer Option
  • Customise your PlayStyle
  • 360-degree view of pitch & shots
  • Career Mode

You can avail of both paid and free options in-app. And the total installation is 10,000,000+. It is really a big number.

3. World Cricket Battle 2

WCB2 is offered & created by Creative Monkey Games. If you are looking for a realistic 3D cricket game for your mobile then you must try this one.

It is suggested for all players and no matter your phone’s RAM limit. You can play WCB2 on a minimum of 2 GB ram but yes you need storage of 60 MB+.

I installed this game on my phone and tried to play graphics-wise it was ok. I only played a single T20 match for test purposes. What do you say about WCB2 please comment about your experience.

What you get in this Application WCB2 is good graphics, unlimited tournament matches to play, a Free auction to choose players, and multiplayer mode but honestly, I have not tried this option.

Extra Features-

  • Real-Time batting multiplayer
  • More than 60 batting strokes
  • 10 plus bowling actions
  • Pick your Favourite player in the Auction
  • Real-time difficulty optimization AI
  • You can play PSL T20, Big Bash, BPL, and other leagues.
  • Real-time weather changing
  • Drink breaks, Change bat & ball in a match

This cricket game application gets a rating of 4 out of 5 on Google Play Store.

4. Epic Cricket

If you are a big fan of Epic games like me then this cricket game is for you. It is a High Definition graphic game and needs good storage and processor to play on mobile.

Epic Cricket- Big League Game is the best choice if you want to play only T20 & ODI matches. It is not just for a Test match and big cricket format games tournaments.

But still, you all will enjoy the game with sharp graphics, an easy-to-use control panel, and Various teams to choose from and play on your own time.

This game is really good in graphics as compared to all the above. So it required a big space in your storage approx 685 megabytes. A 4.1 rating makes it more exciting to play and the developers claim that this application runs at a high FPS (Frame per second).

You have the option to change the dress code of your cricket team and to choose your favourite players in-game.

Extra Features-

  • Live ECPL Auction
  • All major cricket-playing nations
  • Real 3D faces of Players
  • No 360-degree shot view
  • Limited squad
  • DRS replay improvements
  • Sharp Catch drop animation
  • Players’ emotions & action

**This game is available only on Google Play Store. Not in the Apple App Store.

5. WCC Lite

This is a lite version of WCC3 or World Cricket Championship 3. This one is also developed & offered by the same developer.

Under this application, you can play the T20 format, Test cricket matches, ODI matches, and world cups in the lite version & low graphics.

They offer this WCC Lite in Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, and English language.

As I tell you it is a lightweight application you need only 60 Mb space in your phone and at least 1 GB RAM for the best playing performance. But for Apple devices, a minimum of 216 MB of space is required.

I used this game with 2 GB RAM on my old smartphone and it works fine. I didn’t like the graphics and their modelling of players. But graphics do not matter to you. Can you go with this one?

Extra Features-

  • Change Playing XI
  • Lite weight graphics
  • Include SuperOver tournament
  • Multi-languages
  • Multiplayer option
  • Ultra Edge detect

The World Cricket Championship gets a 4 out of 5 rating on the Google play store and on the Apple App store, it gets 4.3 ratings.

आज का आईपीएल मैच लाइव स्कोर

6. Smash Cricket

Smash cricket is another on my list of best cricket game apps on smartphones. Inside Smash cricket you get limited options to play.

Even with no bowling, you have only one batting option. We should not expect too much with a 20 MB size game on the play store. It is the best cricket game for kids and you can use it to pass the time.

Online and offline playing modes are available. It means you can play with your friends while connecting online. If you desire to play in offline mode you can.

3D Full HD graphics inside the game but poor quality.

Extra Features-

  • Online/offline mode
  • 6 different tournament
  • 6 Unique game mode
  • Multiplayer mode
  • Train your Players

**Smash cricket is only for Android low-end smartphone users.

7. Sachin Saga Cricket Champions

If you are a big fan of Indian legendary cricket player Sachin Tendulkar and like his batting style. You must try Sachin Saga Cricket Champions.

Your dream may come true to play Sachin Tendulkar in this app. From T20, ODI, and Test series, to other cricket premier leagues you can participate and win the virtual trophy.

Even have the option to play in Sachin’s iconic cricket matches in the same stadium he played in.

They have a unique option of manual catches which is rare or almost not in other applications and an awesome-looking wicket replay mode.

Extra Features-

  • Manual Catches
  • Play as a Sachin in his Iconic matches
  • Real-time multiplayer
  • Booster to Score more runs

On Android phones, this game is only 62 MB in size but on IOS devices it is as heavy as 596 MB. But the rating is very impressive on both Android & IOS users.

8. CSK Battle Of Chepauk 2

CSK is a franchise team of the Indian Premier League cricket tournament. I think you are too big a fan of IPL matches. Which is your favourite team? Please comment.

By the way, I like RCB & Mumbai Indians in the IPL. But MS Dhoni is a great player and leader of cricket. What if you play an IPL match on your mobile phone in high graphics?

Yes, CSK Battle of Chepauk allows you to play online cricket matches with the CSK squad on smartphones. You have the option to choose your playing XI and compete with the real rival teams.

But yes it is limited to T20 cricket and IPL tournaments. Expanding to Super Over, Super match, Super multiplayer, and Super Card Clashers.

The 3D animated players model is fine and looks realistic to a limit. But you see some loops in cricket pitch colour and stadium graphics.

There are no bowling options so you have to choose only all-rounders & batsmen in your team.

Extra Features-

  • Easy to Play
  • 5 modes to play
  • Choose you, team,
  • Online Multiplayers limit 5
  • Many levels to play

If you like & Support the CSK team then this game must and must try as it gets the highest rating of 4.4 out of 5 on Google Play Store. Other users also appreciate this realistic IPL cricket game.

9. Gully Cricket Game

Gully Cricket is another Epic game on the Google play store. It reminds you of the old days when you played cricket on your local pitch or neighbour’s gully.

The game developers make every effort to feel & make it a real-life experience cricket game. You can compete with other gully cricket players and play tournament matches with them.

Choose your own team and play in three different modes Arcade Mode, Cricket Tournament Mode, and Gully Ka Raja as follows.

In each mode rules and options to play change for the best playing experience of the Gully cricket match. One of the unique modes is Gully Ka Raja in which you have to compete with the rival team and win the title of ‘Gully Ka Raja’.

Their 3D animation is not too good but yes too much impressive & unique. Other than a cricket pitch, players can see different animated objects for extra stuff.

For kids, this game is a full pack of entertainment. One thing which will be irritating is repeating Ads on the screen.

Extra Features-

  • Unique concepts
  • Awesome animation
  • 130+ tournaments to play
  • Daily Challenges to earn more points
  • Trace your stats
  • Realistics Sound
  • Play Offline

10. Stick Cricket Live

Stick Cricket Live is offered by Stick Sports limited for both Android users & Apple IOS users. It is a cartoon-like cricket game with fine animation you can observe.

Pick your team like other applications but new is rewards and coins you get. Players can unlock unlimited venues to play as per wish.

You can upgrade your bats and bowling by using the different rewards you earn.

Extra Features-

  • Rewards after win
  • Use coins to Upgrade your bats & ball
  • 1v1 playing
  • Various Venues to play

Final Thoughts

If you really are a cricket fan then all these games you must like. Hope you enjoy this post on the Best Online Test match cricket series game apps on Play Store & Apple IOS store. All these cricket games have unique points and are different from each other.

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