Which is Big PSL vs IPL in Revenue, Salary, Budget, Fan Following

A detailed comparison between PSL and IPL t20 cricket in terms of money budget, salary, rankings & a number of followers, and players. Did you want to know which is the most famous cricket league IPL t20 vs PSL?

Here is an unbiased comparison between Indian Premier League and Pakistan Super League cricket. If you are keen to know which is bigger in money, profits, audience viewership size, and in the world. Stay tuned to last.

Cricket is the most attentional sports game worldwide. But no doubt both the Indian and Pakistani populations are eager to watch & play cricket.

In both countries, T20 cricket is the most growing and entertaining cricket format. In India, people used to see more Indian Premier League T20 cricket, and in Pakistan highest viewership of the PSL.

Both IPL and PSL are based on limited ball matches between two teams. But the main question is which one is better between PSL and IPL T20.

Outside India and Pakistan which country league is more popular? Why do people watch IPL more than PSL? And Why are foreign players keen to participate in the IPL t20 auction rather than the PSL?

#Which is better IPL and PSL?

#PSL T20 vs IPL T20-

IPL T20 & HBL PSL cricket is based on T20 cricket games on the domestic cricket ground. The first season of the Indian Premier League was played in 2008 and it became huge each season.

The most noticeable point in Vivo TATA IPL is the unlimited entertainment and diverse country participation. Each year this (IPL) Indian cricket league starts at the end of March or the beginning of April month.

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On other hand, PSL (Pakistan Super League) was first played on 9 September 2015. The PSL is played each year in the month of February or March.

#PSL vs IPL in Budgets-

If we compare the two countries’ leagues IPL and PSL t20. Then no doubt IPL is much bigger than PSL in budget and money.

Indian board BCCI finally set the IPL 2022 budget of 90 crores rupees for each franchise in 2022. The inclusion of two new teams Gujarat Titans and Lucknow SuperGiants in this IPL season can make it a more high-budget league in the world.

It means 10 teams multiply 90 crores by each team is equal to 900 crores of the total IPL T20 2022 teams’ budget.

On other hand, the HBL Pakistan Super League T20 uses different criteria for the player slab rate formula for the live auction. Which starts from INR 16,46,000 (for Emerging players) and goes highest to 2.30 crores (for Platinum Players)

#PSL vs IPL Player Salary-

Were you excited to know how much money players get paid to play in PSL or IPL? Then look at the data for this year.

In Pakistan Super League the highest-paid player in the auction is Pakistan national team Captain Babar Azam. In the 2022 PSL live auction, Karachi Kings bought him at a 2.30 crores valuation.

Talking to IPL (Indian Premier League) 2022 auction wicket-keeper & batsman Ishan Kishan is the highest-paid player in IPL 2022. Mumbai Indians made the highest whopping bid of 15.25 crores.

You can see a huge difference between the money to be paid to each player in IPL and PSL T20. No doubt IPL will conquer PSL cricket once again.

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Below is the comparison table of players’ salaries paid in both IPL & PSL.

PlayerPSL Salary 2022IPL Salary 2022
Rashid Khan1.27 crores15 crores
Liam Livingstone1.1 crores11.50 crores
Tim David1 crore8.25 crores
David Willey65.5 lakh2 crores
Jason Roy1 crore2 crores

From this table, you can estimate how much money each player earns from PSL and IPL respectively. There is more than 2x extra income for players in IPL T20 than in PSL t20.

IPL is better than PSL in revenue terms for cricket players either overseas or locally.

#Revenue of IPL vs PSL-

Coming to the revenue model of each league is almost the same. Both PSL and IPL earn their major revenue from sponsorship, Broadcasting rights, Franchise investment, and commissions.

IPL is a real cash-rich cricket league as compared to Pakistan Super League. This year Indian Premier League gets new title sponsorship.

TATA the leading brand from India made a huge bid on IPL T20 2022 title sponsorship. As per media reports Tata paid 670 crores to BCCI for a two-year sponsorship of the IPL title.

On other hand, HBL Pakistan Super League gets 391.7 crores for the PSL title sponsors by 2025.

Again and again, IPL led over the PSL league. No doubt IPL T20 is a cash-rich game for BCCI and other stakeholders.

#Earning of PSL vs IPL Franchise-

Now it is very important to consider the earnings of the IPL franchise team and PSL franchises. The franchise team invests a lot of money and has a big role in conducting such leagues.

As per the report on cricket addiction, the PSL franchise got a jump of 71 percent in 2022 revenue, which is the highest ROI in history.

Each PSL franchise team earns approximately US $900 million (38 crores) in 2022. It means team management is under high profits ever in PSL.

But IPL too is not lacking in revenue for franchise teams. In 2021 Indian Premier League franchise gets individually 83 crores (the US $11.3 million) of profit.

The Indian Premier league is much greater & better than the PSL league. From all perspectives, the IPL is the biggest cricket sports tournament in the world.

IPL T20 cricket became the first sports tournament to be Live telecast on Youtube in 2010. In 2014 IPL league achieved the achievements of the sixth most-attended cricket league on the basis of average viewership. Based on Wikipedia data.

#PSL vs IPL Fan Following Count-

Now, let’s compare the fan following of two cricket leagues IPL vs PSL followers. You will be amazed to see such a big number of IPL fans following on social media.

It defines the real success and hard work of IPL & BCCI who managed the tournament. Have a look at the stats of various social media fan followers.


IPL vs PSL fan followers counts across Social Media.

The above social media statistics show the wide scope of IPL t20 cricket. Not only from India and Pakistan, but IPL t20 also counts viewership from most other countries.

IPL has the largest fan following as compared to PSL across the internet. Indian Premier League is a more entertaining and thrilling cricket game for sports enthusiasts.

Did you follow the world-famous T20 cricket game IPL or not?

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Which one is popular in other countries, IPL or PSL?

If you have questioned how much IPL t20 cricket is famous in foreign countries. Then you must know that IPL gets most of its audience from India, the US, Canada, the United Kingdom, Bangladesh, UAE, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Australia, South African countries, Middle East Countries, and many other small countries.

PSL gets most of the audience from Pakistan, the United States, United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, the UK, and Caribbean countries, and a small percentage from other countries.

IPL is more famous in other foreign countries than the HBL PSL league.

Final Thoughts-

It is all about a detailed comparison of PSL vs IPL. Who has more followers IPL or PSL across social media? and Why is the IPL more famous among other countries? Hope you get all answers, if not tell us we will try to answer.

You like the analysis of PSL vs IPL t20 based on players’ salary, franchise earnings, and budget. Which is your favorite cricket league IPL vs PSL let me know below which player you like to play in both leagues.

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