5 Places to Play Easy Online Cricket Quiz Contest Game for Free

Where can I play the cricket quiz questions game for free? Did you want to test your cricket sports knowledge with answers? Or want to practice some questions for the sports quiz game competition?

Whatever reason you want to take your online cricket sports quiz test or to play for fun. Today I will tell you 5+ places where you can play the quiz game and enjoy it. Yes, most people avoid quiz contests in schools, colleges, or other places because of the possibility of failure.

But in an online quiz game, there is no fear of losing the game. All these below-mentioned cricket games can be played by kids, adults to young age people.

If you are really keen to know how you can make your sports general knowledge part strong by practicing daily online quizzes.

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5 Places to play Online Cricket Quiz daily-

But what if you want to prepare for it beforehand and learn how to win any quiz competition? There are various websites or apps for online quiz practices to play in your spare time.

Here is the list of top websites to play online cricket quiz question games in your free time.

1#. Britannica Quizzes

Britannica quiz is the best place to play cricket quizzes online and test your knowledge. Britannica cricket quiz offers you 10 questions and 4 options.

You have to choose one correct answer within 10 seconds. This platform offers you stats to compare your quiz score with the other community leaderboard score.

I personally play their quizzes when I get free time. Moreover, you can check your knowledge in other subjects like science, geography, history quiz contests, the film industry, and so many others.

Even they have puzzle-based games, furry & crossword puzzles, word searches, Hollywood quiz games, and Bollywood quiz contests.

2#. TheCricketer.com

It is a full-fledged cricket quiz-based website & app. The cricket offers you free cricket competition-based quiz questions to play. This quiz is recommended for those who have a strong knowledge base of cricket matches.

All these quiz questions are based on a specific competition or tournament match. Here you can also find WBBL (Women Big Bash League), Test match quiz questions, and Word cup quiz questions.

How to Play the cricketer quiz game:- You can select a specific tournament game then you find a little introduction about contests. Below you find a proper quiz question. You have to read it and type your answers. Yes, there is no option to select.

What type of quiz you can play here- England team, most runs in a T20 world, Test Match, India vs Sri Lanka T20 world cup final, New Zealand team quiz, and IPL match quiz.

3#. Pro Profs Quiz Competition

It is another free online quiz website where you can play quizzes on different topics including cricket. Almost all the topics are based on trivia and real-world facts.

Pro Profs is really another best place to check your knowledge potential in sports, Books, Science, Movies, Entertainment, Animals, Online exam, Maths based quiz question, and Country.

Other than this you can play relationship-based quiz games, and create your own quiz game for free.

How to Play ProProfs Quiz: In ProProfs, you get 20 questions without any time limit. You have to select one correct answer out of 4 given options. And each question carries 5 marks out of 100. On the left side, you can check your score after a successful attempt at a question.

They do not provide a leaderboard for quiz competition score comparison with other community members.

But in a personalized quiz game, you have the choice to create a scoreboard quiz or a personality-based quiz.

4#. HowStats.Com

As many people know, stats is a database of all cricket match records and tournaments all over the world.

HowStats has a dedicated cricket quiz page for cricket game enthusiasts. Cricket fans can go there and play cricket quiz games online for free & check their knowledge of the game.

How to play a Quiz game on HowStats: You can visit there and choose the category you want to play. After selecting, their system picks any 20 random questions from that category. You have to choose the right option for each question out of 4 given possible answers.

There is no time limit or timer so you can take your own time to think.

The most common category in the Howstats quiz game is Batting/Batsman, Bowling/Bowlers, Captain/Captaincy, Incidents based, ODI & T20, World Cup, and Test Cricket.

You can also choose a country category to play a facts-based game quiz for a specific country’s cricket team & matches.

5#. MRF Cricket Quizzes

If you want to play the MRF cricket quiz game online then visit cricketworldcup.com. On this site, you get pre-formatted cricket MCQ questions about different cricket matches.

Most of them are based on the ICC Men’s U19 & T20 world cup. Limited quiz game but more for fun and as time passes it is an easy multiple-question cricket quiz trivia game and anyone can play it.

How you can Play MRF Cricket Quiz: When you land on the MRF quiz website you find 10-12 different ICC Men cricket tournaments based on quiz questions. In each game level, you find 10 different questions and tick the correct answer to each question. After completing all the quizzes you can see your final score out of 10.

6#. CricBuzz Cricket Quiz Game-

Cricbuzz is an Indian-based online cricket news portal and stats website. Cricbuzz covers all the latest news, updates & schedules of every cricket match.

The Cricbuzz site is most famous among cricket-loving community fans. They also provide a live Cricket scoreboard of each match worldwide.

CricBuzz.com hosts a free quiz game for cricket fans and followers. You find many cricket & other sports games on their site on random topics.

Topics may be ‘How much you know about your favorite player or a specific player, especially personality-based questions.

How you can Play CricBuzz Quiz online Cricket Contests Game: When you start playing you find very well-designed quizzes with images. Which will motivate you to play to the end. In each category, one can find random questions with 4 options. You have to choose the correct one. After you lock in your final answer, a percentage bar will show the result. The resulting bar shows how well you perform in a quiz competition as compared to others in the community.

The unique & interesting part is that one can track the right answer with a knowledge base, it is a very funny and interesting online cricket quiz game.

So don’t forget to try this one as I personally try it before reviewing.

Final Thoughts

Hope you all enjoy this blog post of 5 plus places to play easy cricket quiz game contests online for free. This is the list that I prepared for you and sometimes I personally use it to check my cricket knowledge.

It is fun for me and a method to increase my general knowledge of sports topics. How interesting it is to tell me in the comment box.

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