How To Get A Job In IPL Team Management?

Every cricket fan has the desire to contribute to their favorite team and league. If you want to work in the IPL cricket league as a full-time worker or as a part-time intern then you land at the right place.

Many people, especially Indians, are searching for ways to get paid jobs in the IPL T20 cricket league. And why do they not? It is a big thing to be a part of the Indian cash-rich cricket league Indian Premier League.

Today I will tell you where you can search for IPL jobs. How to apply as an intern in IPL team management? Get an event management job in IPL T20 cricket.

If you too want to be a little part of the world’s biggest cricket tournament event IPL then read it carefully.

What Type of Work You Can Apply in IPL?

Before knowing the full process of IPL job application you must be aware type of work. IPL is a sports event and it is common that sports category people are in most demand for it.

But if you do not relate to the Sports and cricket industry then you have many other job opportunities here in IPL.

Below is the list of IPL jobs post-application with designation names, categories, and types of work.

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  • Work as a Trainer: If you have knowledge and work experience as a cricket trainer you can apply.
  • Work as a Physiotherapist: If you have a degree in Physiotherapists and plus experience in therapy. You have a big opportunity to make your goodwill & huge money to work as a therapist in the IPL.
  • Work on Nutritionist Post: A nutritionist is one who has good knowledge of food and nutrition balance. They are experts to manage and create a diet plan for athlete players and are also responsible for players’ health. It is the most cash-worth and workload-free job.
  • Technical support team: belonging to science background then have good news. If you have technical knowledge in sports management and event organizing then be ready to apply for a job application in the IPL league.
  • Assistant Post: IPL is a game of professional people and each professional needs an assistant staff or multi-tasker for a smooth work process. In this job, you must have a 12th pass or a bachelor’s have more demand. Work is simple, just do what your boss will say, like calling others, managing meetings for them, fixing meetings and dinners, keeping records, and guiding them.
  • Gym trainers: In a short period of time many IPL franchise teams hire gym trainers for their staff. The work of a fitness trainer is to guide the new players and suggest they exercise for more productive outcomes. Most attractive job in the IPL and gym & fitness trainers looking for such an opportunity.
  • Media support team: The media support team has the responsibility to work overall telecast and media-related work. Such as work on visual content, advertising material, designing, and crafting things. If you are already doing or completed your professional course in Mass communication, PGD in Journalism, content media management, social media, & digital marketing you can work on the IPL internship basis for two months. One can get high exposure to professional experience and work ethics.
  • Doctor’s Post: Indian Premier League management and IPL franchise both hire their personal professional doctor for any emergency situation. If any player or people in the stadium need first aid then a general doctor comes in. It is a part-time job for hardly 2 or 3 months, which gives you a lakh of money and fame.
  • In the Finance Department: Nothing is big without money and money makes this cricket tournament IPL. Another name for IPL is the cash-rich league and multi-millionaire sports game. Each stakeholder of IPL makes tons of money in a limited period. All these big calculations and management of sports finance are not handy work.

They hire some professional and talented people from accounting, Chartered Accountants, financial risk managers, and some other management school students for this work.

  • Other Cricket Staff: Not only a hundred but thousands of people have contributed to organizing the IPL T20 cricket event. It is impossible to count all names but it has a big role. You can try for the job in IPL and IPL teams like RCB, CSK, MI, and DC. Seating staff, cleaning staff, pitch curator, chief job, Job in IPL Stadium, etc.

How to Apply for a Job in IPL & IPL franchise Teams?

Now turns to know the full process of how IPL management recruits people for work in cricket games & stadiums. And what salary they give you with the basic eligibility criteria.

There is no official website or link to apply for an IPL job and contact them for the recruitment process. Some big event management companies do the work of hiring man force and team staff. Names like IMG (International Management Group) a New York-based global sports event management & organizer comes frequently.

Another name in this race is DNA networks, a Delhi-based event management services provider, and Cineyug, a Mumbai-based company. If you like to work in IPL then you must have contacts from such big event publisher companies. Also if working presently for such a company then chances get higher for selection.

You can also check recruitment notifications on different Job portals like,, and more. IPL teams publish their recruitment notification on social media or LinkedIn accounts. So must be active and follow all the IPL team’s social media pages.

To get a job in your nearest IPL cricket stadium you must contact the authority of the stadium where the match is going to be held. Talk to the cricket stadium staff and ask for a job. They will definitely do something for you.

Another working method is you can ask in your friend circle by chance if anyone can help.

Final Thoughts-

It is not hard and impossible to get hired by any IPL team franchise and management. You have to actively search for a job and contact your close friends. If no method works for you then directly enquire about the job on the IPL franchise team email id or contact number. Send all your work experience and strongly pitch them so they contact you back.

You find the official contact details on the official website of each franchise team.

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